Police Management Consulting Services



We are an internationally recognized firm that provides police management, public safety and investigative services to clients. We are your exclusive resource to experienced law enforcement and investigative professionals who provide expert law enforcement advice to police agencies, private business, law firms and government agencies to enhance public safety and to help keep government highly efficient and accountable. The law enforcement profession, which is continuously redefined and growing increasingly complex, requires constant review to keep up with policing strategies and to effectively address public safety needs. Today, independent review of police operations is important because it brings expertise, impartiality, and new and fresh ideas from the outside.


Our organization specializes in Management Studies, Case Review - Police Practices, and Executive Search services and special investigations. Management studies are used to identify and correct specific management and operational issues, while our police chief search service generates a pool of highly qualified candidates. Our case review provides evaluation and recommendations on police practices and procedures based on experience and nationally accepted law enforcement standards.


Today, more than ever, municipalities face increasing budget deficits. With public safety operating in the toughest financial environment in decades, local authorities must deal with reduced spending. Budget cuts are everywhere and no matter how one approaches the process, it is a painful and challenging operation. Our exposure to best practices from across the country will bring a fresh view and a strategic approach to help agencies provide efficient and effective services in tough economic times.








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